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We work with 15 different types of stone and have a large range of products on offer. This means that we can meet your ever-increasing variety of requirements with a choice of :
- shades and colors that convey the desired atmosphere,
- grain, whether small or large, that helps blend the stone into all of the rooms of the house,
- hardness, for safe use indoors in areas that undergo intensive usage as well as for areas outdoors where the stone needs to stand up to the wear and tear of time.
Working with stone, as with other materials, requires experience along with the skills and techniques of the trade.
Stone is formed by a natural process that should be respected and maintained while it is being worked and used; this is essential to its
preservation over the years to come and is often, unfortunately, a point that is neglected.
Here, in our website, you will discover a selection of our work that is far from being exhaustive.
Why not contact us about your own projects so that we can discuss them with you?